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Welcome to my main page! From the menus above, you’ll be able to access all of my free training, my best selling presets, profiles, and other items I sell, as well as some links that will allow you to get to know me a little better.

A Very Little About Me

I’ve been a professional photographer since 1980 and I’ve been teaching photography online, since 2013 where on YouTube, I have over 300,000 subscribers. If you’re interested in learning more about me — where my studio is, what I do, etc. visit THIS PAGE.

Why Mr. Photographer?

For part of my career, I was a wedding photographer and often, people in the wedding party would call out to me, Mr. Photographer… hey Mr. Photographer. In a meeting with a representative from YouTube, it was suggested that I use a nickname… Mr. Photographer was all I could come up with so, I am Mr. Photographer.

What’s My Deal?

I simply love photography and enjoy helping others nurture our common passion.

How Can I Do All Of That For Free?

Beside the few things I do sell, I am an affiliate for some companies. I adhere to strict rules concerning my affiliations and have a Code of Ethics that I adhere to. You can read my Code of Ethics Statement HERE.


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